4100mm x 120mm x 18mm F074 ST75 Light Grey Valmassio Marble Upstand

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F074 Light Grey Valmasino Marble has a classic appearance, but its light colour makes it modern and balanced. The light grey colour tones combine well with a variety of cool or even blush uni colours. The white inclusions combine well with white decors.

Please note:
The product may vary slightly in colour or texture from your screen.

Certification FSC® CO19769
Colour Stone
Core MDF
Decor Code F074
Decor Description Light Grey Valmassio Marble
Finish Textured
Manufacturer Egger
Structure ST75
Length 4100mm
Width 120mm
Thickness 18mm

Whilst we endeavour to offer an exact edging match to this product, this may not always be possible. The suggested edgings are chosen to compliment the board as closely as possible.