We are experts in bonding and have a whole department dedicated to it. When it comes to bonded boards, we offer the full package: the laminates (so many laminates), we have the core boards, and, importantly, we have the equipment.

Aware that folks often want their bonding done yesterday, we offer a rapid turn-a-round of bonded laminate panels and can ensure a quality product is delivered to your door in a lead time to suit you.


The technical bit...

Our bonding facility is home to three bonding presses: one Interwood HEP 693, one Interwood FHU 355 and one Europress NPG 42/17 (pictured above). "Three machines? That's loads!" we hear you cry. Well... we do a LOT of bonding.

We ensure all laminate and core materials are conditioned for at least 48 hours before bonding to facilitate the highest possible bond quality and strength. 

When it comes to choosing your substrate, plywood, chipboard and MDF are materials which lend themselves to good fabrication. Whether you need moisture resistant, fire retardant or standard cores, we have it all under one roof.

We have created a handy guide to what we have in stock that you can bond to.

Our bonded boards are manufactured and controlled using the very latest technology and extensive experience. Each individual bonded board is scrutinised for quality, ensuring that they reach the client with highest possible bond quality and strength. 

Panel sizes of up to 3660mm x 1525mm can be pressed onto boards of up to 60mm in thickness.

Lawcris stock some of the biggest laminate brands such as Egger, Kronospan, Resopal and Pfleiderer. This huge selection includes the popular metallic and veneered laminates. We also offer to bond ANY laminate in current production such as Formica, Polyrey, etc.

With the laminates, boards and bonding all available through us, there's only one thing missing.... delivery. And guess what? We do that too

Any questions? Get in touch... We will let our Bonding gurus take it from here. Alternatively, see our other services below.


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