Our CNC department boasts not one, but TWO Homag Holzma HPL500 beam saws (AKA SAWTEQ B-500), making our cutting department enviably efficient. 

For any company struggling to keep up with customer demand or that requires a buffer during busy periods, we are here to help.


The technical bit...

Capable of processing boards up to 135mm in thickness, this snazzy bit of kit features automatic loading at the rear, capable of heavy-duty lifting. Full packs of material can be loaded straight onto the back of the saw, reducing scratching and handling as well as greatly reducing loading and cutting times. 

The thin board pushing device enables us to feed/push boards as thin as 3mm from the back of the saws.

Should your boards need head cutting, an automatic turning device behind the cut line spins the panel around, reducing the amount of panel handling required, as well as speeding up the preparation time.

With the addition of the power concept clamp that moves independently to the main clamps, different size panels can be cut at the same time, this can reduce cutting times on complicated patterns by up to 40%.

With a blade projection of over 150mm, we can cut stack heights at over 135mm, that’s 7 sheets of 18mm MFC cut at the same time!

A max cutting length of 4300mm means cutting worktops is all in a day's work for us PLUS a kerfing feature allows us to provide grooved panels (including V grooved) quickly and easily.

The saws operate at a nippy 130 metres per minute for fast and efficient cutting times, plus perfect cutting of Eurolight and postformed boards is achievable with ease.

The machine can even print off labels so we can ensure you know what's what.

Our dedicated team of CAD draughtsmen share a wealth of knowledge. Every component is created on our state of the art Alpha Cam software, with the CNC machines being directly networked into the office. This leads to a much more efficient process.

Any questions? Get in touch... We will let our CNC gurus take it from here. Alternatively, see our other services below.



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