We thought we would put together some of our most frequently asked questions for you, just to make life a little easier. Hope they help! 


If, however, you would still like to know more, then don't hesitate to pick up the blower and speak to one of our all-knowledgable staff!


Q: Can you offer hardwood/softwood timber?

A: Yes on request. If you'd like to know what options are available then please call us to find out more!


Q: Can you offer doors and frames?

A: Yes we can. Allow us to help you get the bespoke fittings you require.


Q: Do you deliver nationwide?

A: Yes. If this is of interest to you, then call us and a member of our sales team would gladly look at your enquiry and get you a cost.


Q: What is the lead time on stock laminates? 

A: If you are within our delivery area then any stock laminate can be with you next day! Oh yes!


Q: What is the lead time on CNC orders? (cut & edge)

A: This is usually 2 – 3 weeks, but its always worth ringing and asking if we can squeeze you in somewhere!


Q: What is the lead time on wall saw cutting?

A: We advise 2 – 3 days, but by all means ring us to check. We will always try and accommodate where we can!


Q: Is there a minimum I have to order for free delivery?

A: We tend to work on £400+ VAT minimum spend for free delivery, but if we are already passing by we would certainly try and accommodate!


Q: Do we deliver on Saturdays?

A: Yes but there is a charge for this service. Also, with our customers (you) in mind, we like to be organised and load our wagons up the night before, therefore your order needs to have been made before Saturday.


Q: How do you edge a melamine board?

A: If you are using a pre-glued edging, then you can simply iron it on yourself. We advise to put something between the iron and the edging strip like a heat-proof paper just to protect it. If however you have ABS edging, then an edge banding machine would be required for a professional finish. This is a service we offer.


Q: How long is an edging roll?

A: Our edging rolls vary in length depending on which décor you are buying. They can be anything from 50metres to 300metres in length!