CNC Machining

Our Homag BHX 500 multi-borer (AKA the DRILLTEQ H-600) really is an all-singing all-dancing piece of machinery which allows us to work with even more speed and efficiency than ever before.

With the demand for cabinetwork - incorporating panels with drilling for KD (Knock Down) fittings - this newly installed machine will be an ideal partner to any company that may need to outsource these types of components during their busy period, It's the perfect addition to complement our existing CNC machinery. 

A bevvy of features makes the BHX 500 the ideal addition to our CNC factory.


That technical bit...

The CNC machines are directly networked into the office, therefore, once our experienced CAD technicians have set everything up using the latest Alpha Cam software, we are straight into the drilling and routing action.

A hedgehog feeder makes larger production runs incredibly easy. All boards have stickers with barcodes placed on them. The machine scans these just before they are fed into the drilling and routing process, electronically providing all the information needed to complete the job on that particular component.

Plus, it's incredibly nippy, with a processing speed of 130m per minute! 

Two CNC-controlled clamping devices ensure permanently firm and precise positioning of the workpieces – regardless of the speed. All components are drilled and routed with the highest level of precision and accuracy, giving the consistent uniformity that is required.

A Smooth-Pressure System© provides a protecting air cushion below the workpiece, while a patented automatic spindle clamping system ensures exactly the same drilling depth is achieved regardless of materials used, meaning reliably consistent quality and repeat accuracy.

Don't forget, we can also provide grooved boards. Multiple groove patterns can really show the depth of a room wherever they are used. The patterns are popular on many different areas such as wall panelling, drawers, bathroom panels and many more. With our excellent CNC team we can produce a variety of patterns.

This magical bit of machinery has really bolstered our CNC abilities. Our capacity has more than doubled and we are finding this service to be incredibly useful for clients who wish to streamline their own manufacturing processes or rely on us as a useful buffer when their own capacity has been reached.

Get in touch and let us know your requirements. Alternatively, see what other services we offer below.


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CNC Machining

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