Another Total Warrior completed with lots of blood, sweat and electric shocks along the way.

We had a team of 18 smash round the Total Warrior course with some slips and trips but nothing we couldn't handle.

We managed to burn 1050 calories each getting over the finish line in 2 hours 15 minutes after 7.48 miles.

One by one, they conquered each obstacle, facing the challenges head-on with unwavering resolve.

We manoeuvred through a labyrinth of obstacles with  determination.

The Lawcris Warriors faced adversity at every turn, but with resilience and amazing teamwork we pushed on.

The obstacles conquered included Human BBQ, High Jump, Peaks of Pain, Mud Moguls, Grand National & Hang Tough.
They are just a few of the 25 obstacles we had in our way.

We managed to take a GoPro round the Total Warrior with us and it survived! The video was a well earned reward for lots of hard work and effort.

We're sure you'll agree it's brilliant to see us in action on the course.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part and to the St. Gemma's Hospice team who supported us along the way.

The Lawcris Warriors managed to raise a huge £5,434 from this event and we're really proud of our efforts!

This is just one of the things we do in terms of corporate sustainability and we are always planning the next event.