In the realm of decor design, staying ahead of trends is imperative for businesses looking to remain competitive and relevant. As Kronospan prepares to unveil its innovative brand-new range of decors positioned to captivate the market with its timely response to emerging design trends, Lawcris Panel Products received an exclusive invitation to explore their Design Studio in Malta. This visit aimed to shed light on Kronospan's ability to swiftly respond to trends but also show how raw materials undergo a captivating metamorphosis into stunning final design pieces that are seen in our warehouse today.


Kronospan Design Studio based in Malta

As you step into the space, you're immediately struck by the sheer abundance of raw materials surrounding you. It's like stepping into a treasure trove of design possibilities, but instead of gold and jewels, you're greeted by an eclectic array of wood species and stones. 


K365 PW Coast Evoke Oak in its original state

It's a bunker of creativity, stocked with different types of wood, marbles, stones, and commercial artwork, this studio serves as a playground for innovation and inspiration.


Inspired by Ralph Lauren's floor boards

First, your eyes are drawn to the diverse hues of the woods - from the warm tones of oak to the deep, chocolatey richness of walnut. Each plank tells a story. One of my favourites was the weathered oak retrieved from Venice's harbour. Brimming with imperfections and holes carved by sea creatures, this served as the inspiration for the highly popular Gold Harbour Oak decor in Kronospan's collection today.


The plank of wood which inspired K361 PW Gold Harbor Oak

From salvaged ex-floorboards originating from Ralph Lauren's house to the unexpected discovery of striking pink walnut, our visit to Kronospan's Malta Design Studio provided fascinating insights into the diverse array of raw materials that fuel some of their most beloved designs.


The plank of wood that inspired K545 RW Vintage Silverjack Oak

But the wood is just the beginning. As you explore further, you discover a kaleidoscope of stones - marble, granite, quartz, each more stunning than the last. The smooth, cool surfaces gleam under the studio lights, inviting you to reach out and touch their natural imperfections. Amidst this treasure trove of materials, you can't help but feel a surge of excitement. The possibilities seem endless, and you can't wait to see what creations emerge from this creative haven.


A laminate print closely mimics the appearance of the real thing.

But there was an additional surprise awaiting us! We were graciously invited to partake in a hands-on design experience. Guided by experts, we transformed a raw walnut plank into a finished masterpiece. This involved crafting veneers, meticulously arranging the pattern, then enhancing the woodgrain with specialised products. This helped adjust the tones and unveil the natural hues of the material. 


Barker's Nuts - washing the glue off after placing veneers into a pattern

Finally, we scanned the whole piece under a spectacular scanner which transformed the physical piece into a digital design. Imperfections were corrected using software and the next morning we were sent the renders of our decor, aptly named "Barker's Nuts!" which if you know our marketing manager, Lauren Barker (in the picture above), is totally true! Absolutely mind-boggling how quick the whole process was from start to finish.


A bathroom render with Barker's Nuts as frontals for the bathroom cabinet


It's official!! It made its way from Malta to Leeds!

Seeing the process itself makes you really appreciate the thought behind Kronospan designs. By having such a rich inventory at their disposal, Kronospan's design team can readily experiment and prototype, enabling them to promptly adapt to evolving design preferences. This is truly important for our customers to know that we are sourcing products from manufacturers that understand their sector.


All materials are scanned and documented in the bunker

Kronospan's responsiveness to trends is exemplified through its ability to anticipate the needs of various industries such as interior design, architecture, and furniture manufacturing. The company's design studio serves as a melting pot of ideas, where concepts are refined and translated into tangible products that cater to specific market demands. Whether it's the resurgence of natural wood finishes or the growing popularity of minimalist aesthetics, Kronospan is adept at aligning its product offerings with prevailing trends, thereby ensuring its relevance in the furniture manufacturing landscape.


Always looking to the future for trends - pink walnut!

Kronospan's design studio in Malta serves as a dynamic hub where creativity meets innovation. Whether it's anticipating the needs of commercial clients or catering to the preferences of homeowners, Kronospan's commitment to excellence ensures that its products remain at the forefront of contemporary design trends.

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