On Earth Day 2024, we're excited to share a recent adventure that left us feeling inspired and hopeful for a greener future!

Last week, the Lawcris team visited Egger Timberpak's newest site in the UK, nestled right here in Leeds. We had the opportunity to explore Egger Timberpak's innovative operations firsthand, where they work wonders with waste wood materials.

Doors, pallets, and various wood scraps can be transformed into valuable resources. Egger Timberpak are on a mission to repurpose every bit of waste into something useful, from chipboard production materials to biomass for heating machinery.

We were impressed by the efficiency and sustainability of their process. Egger Timberpak isn't just about recycling; they're champions of environmental stewardship! With multiple sites across the country and plans for expansion, their impact is growing.

Egger Timberpak have their own stunning video giving you a glimpse into the processes that go into their recycling site:

Egger Timberpak exclusively supplies Egger with these recycled materials, contributing to the production of eco-friendly chipboard. It's a beautiful cycle of sustainability - from waste to resource to new beginnings!

To top it off, we opted for a rain-dodging walk around the industrial estate instead of hopping in our cars. Talk about a win for Mother Nature!

Let's celebrate Earth Day by supporting initiatives like Egger Timberpak's, where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. Together, we can make a world of difference!

Egger Timberpak will supply recycled materials which will go into the production of the newly launched collection from Egger.

From one truck to another, we hosted Egger this time when they came for Egger Truck Day to showcase their latest range.