In the realm of interior design and furniture manufacturing, colour is more than a mere aesthetic choice! It's a powerful tool that influences mood, perception, and even productivity.

At Lawcris, we understand the significance of colour, which is why we're thrilled to announce our latest addition...

13 vibrant melamine colours from the Fundermax range. This exciting new offering not only broadens our selection but also opens up endless design possibilities for our customers. Let's dive in!

The Science and Art of Colour Theory

Colour theory is a fundamental principle in design and art, explaining how colours interact, the visual effects of specific colour combinations, and how colours can influence mood and perception (scientists said so!). They can set the tone for a room, influence your mood and create a unique atmosphere that reflects your personality. 

Understanding the psychological effects of colours enables designers to create spaces that resonate with the intended atmosphere and function. Here's a look at some of the 13 vibrant colours from Fundermax and the psychology behind them:

1. Intensive Red 0210 FH: Energetic and attention-grabbing, red stimulates excitement and passion. Ideal for dynamic spaces like kitchens or creative workspaces.


2. Gentian Blue 0237 FH: Calming and trustworthy, blue promotes relaxation and focus. Perfect for bedrooms, offices, or healthcare environments.


3. Fir Green 0591 FH: Associated with nature and tranquility, green fosters balance and harmony. Suitable for living rooms, bathrooms, or wellness centres.


4. Mango 0010 FH: Cheerful and optimistic, yellow enhances creativity and energy. Great for kitchens, playrooms, or collaborative spaces.


5. Orange 0682 FH: Warm and inviting, orange encourages social interaction and enthusiasm. Excellent for dining areas or social hubs.


6. Blackberry Cupcake 0842 FH: Luxurious and spiritual, purple adds a touch of sophistication and introspection. Ideal for bedrooms or meditation spaces.


7. Frosted Teal 0876 FH: Sophisticated and balanced, teal combines the calming properties of blue with the rejuvenating qualities of green. Ideal for bedrooms.


8. Yellowish Green 0725 FH: Renewal and optimistic, like most greens, yellowish-green is often associated with growth and nature. Perfect for playrooms and dining areas.      


9. Emerald Green 0893 FH: Luxurious and grounding, this shade of green evokes energy and optimisim. Great for kitchens and wardrobes.


10. Arctic 0718 FH: Cool and calming, this version of blue brings serenity and softness into a space. Perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.


11. Sea Green 0630 FH: Tranquil and refreshing, this green induces the harmonious nature of the ocean. Ideal for relaxing spaces.


12. Atlantic 0717 FH: Bright and cheerful, this blue matches an energetic and reliable energy. Great for creative spaces.


13. Lamar 0023 FH: Muted and harmonious, this blue creates a soothing vibe allowing you to unwind and recharge. Perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.


Lawcris is now jazzing up it's offering with 13 fabulous melamine decors from Fundermax as part of a range of 36 decors also available as compact grade laminate, giving designers and homeowners an exciting array of high-quality options to play with. The right colour choice can turn any space from drab to fab, setting the perfect mood and atmosphere.

Whether you’re aiming for a calm retreat, a vibrant hub, or a sleek modern look, these new decors make it easier than ever to hit the mark. With Lawcris and Fundermax, you can mix, match, and create spaces that truly reflect your style and vibe. Get ready to transform your interiors into something spectacular!  

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