Picture this: a group of enthusiastic colleagues, a flurry of fundraising events, and a shared goal to make a difference. That was the scene at Lawcris  in 2023 as we embarked on another year supporting St Gemma's Hospice. And let me tell you, it was one heck of a ride!

This year we brought heaps of enthusiasm and generosity! We rolled up our sleeves (or opened our wallets!) and got to work, creating organised events, rallying the staff, and getting our team involved in wacky challenges and fun-filled activities.

One of our favourite events was the charity football. Lawcris went head-to-head against the formidable team from Supporting Charities FC. The excitement leading up to the match was palpable, with both teams eager to showcase their skills on the pitch. In the end, after a hard-fought ninety minutes and penalties, Lawcris emerged victorious, clinching the win and more importantly, raising a sizeable amount from donations throught the company!

Another one which was a crowd favourite was definitely Total Warrior where our Lawcris Warriors faced fears and challenged themselves to the limit. It was no walk in the park! From crawling through mud pits to scaling towering obstacles, every step of the way tested our strength and resilience. But with each muddy mile conquered, we knew we were making a difference, with generous sponsors rallying behind us to support St Gemma's Hospice.

The result of all the hard work and enthusiasum? A wave of support that raised £14,922.26 in 2023 to help keep St Gemma's shining bright. Bringing the total amount we have raised over the years to a whopping £147,484.12!

Now that's some serious dough!

Bring on 2024!