Having that comfy feeling in your own space has never been so important. With many people still working from home in their offices, which is now being referred to as a "Hoffice" it's crucial that your surroundings feel safe and homely.

Since the pandemic began we have all been more in touch with nature and in return, nature has started to retreat into our own living environment. Nature has certainly been an incredible source of trendy inspiration from plant life, color schemes, furniture, and more. 

Here are a few of our favourite ways of how you could spruce up your home for that more natural appeal...

Having the right colour scheme is key to how you feel about your home. Those trendy nature-like tones could make it feel more natural, warm, and authentic. There is a variety to choose from such as beiges, greens, browns, and more. Adding these could brighten up your surroundings and make you feel more at ease.


Having plants in the house has always been popular, but in recent years this trend has seemed to increase significantly in popularity. Adding excess foliage around your space can allow you to be more in touch with nature from the comfort of your own home. 

Not only do plants make your surroundings have that extra visual appeal, but having a variety of plant life will add more of a natural presence and compliment your home's aesthetic. The clever greenery also helps to eliminate toxins from carpets which can make us feel less drowsy, very useful for those working from home!


Furniture is the main staple in anybody's home, so it's key that it looks the part. There's always the option to add a splash of colour into your decor, but there's always the traditional route of applying wood grains into the space to create a more authentic appearance. Keep in touch with nature by adding woodgrains to help create a beautiful look in your home. 

Wood also introduces more texture into the surroundings, creating a stylish yet comforting aesthetic. It not only looks stunning in the home, but it can also make a positive impact on emotions. Studies show that places where wood is present cause a drop in blood pressure, therefore making life a little less stressful. This would come in handy for the unpredictable pandemic! 

 The best part is that there's a variety of different wood grains to choose from, such as the products featured in the Feelwood range.


The cooler tones such as greys have taken a back seat and now we are moving towards the cosier side of the colour spectrum from taupes, warm metals, and more. We want to feel comfortable and safe in our homes and these types of tones allow us to experience that. 

These types of colours are inspired by nature and as we relied so heavily on being outside during the midst of the pandemic, adding these to your home will help to create a safe haven.


Are you ready to bring more nature-influenced elements into your home? Why not check out our wide variety of decorative surface products and see what you can achieve! 

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