It's time for a bit of Heavy Metal, Nooo... we're not talking about weight lifting or Black Sabbath! We're talking about how metal decors are a trending design material.

Raw materials are more popular than ever and many brands have embraced this with the introduction of marbles, metals and some even mix metal with wood.

Black Industrial Metal (Source)

Dark Atelier 4299, a striking decor but with more character than you'd normally get from a metal. It's the perfect decor for a statement extraction among other industrial materials and timber.

4299 Dark Atelier

Broadcasting Tower is just one of the many amazing structures in Leeds. This rust covered building achieves its colouration through the use of weathering steel.

Broadcasting Tower in Leeds (Source)

Rust gets a bad rep, however, the reddish flakey coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel can in fact create a dynamic effect. Kronospan

This amazing decor is part of their collection of industrial decors and it really does show off the striking colours of rust.

K351 Rusty Flow

The K351 Rusty Flow is full of character and texture encapsulating the identity of rust.

This amazing decor is part of Kronospan's industrial collection. The textures go above and beyond the reality of weathered metal.

K352 Iron Flow

Another amazing decor from the flow collection from Kronospan. Dark and distinct this decor aspires to be sophisticated but also keeps the natural iron complexion.

4298 Light Atelier

Keeping it metal but adding something a little different is Kronospan's 4298 Light Atelier decor.

Whilst Kronospan are a brand from Austria they are actually a Made In Britain manufacturer.

Metal decors are different to other raw materials such as marble, they have a unique composition and unique texture to them.

Metals galore! There are plenty of metal decors to choose from on our website. If you're interested in seeing more of Kronospan's decors then take a look at their huge range of products.

They don't just have metals either, they manufacture a wide range of woodgrain decors in the Komplete Kollection.

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