YOU WANT MORE? We've got it!

12 simply wasn't enough so we've added another 4 decors to get to 16.

We've completed it! We have all of the cement decors from Emporio SKIN with these additions.

Dogale Chiaro is a light coloured cement decor with some characterful blemishes. Perfect for spaces which have been designed for modern living.

A very original decor with elegant cement patterning which add to the minimalist design.

Canebola is a reinterpritation of the famous Pietra Piasentina stone in Italy. A natural aesthetic & tactile effect of the stone is perfect for indoor or outdoor.

Perla is the lightest of the cement decors in this collection. The decor has a brilliant visual impact and can be utilised in living spaces and even bathrooms.

The texture of these decors is Calabianca (CB). This finish has been specially designed for cement decors.
It has a pleasant & delicate roughness to the surface which adds to the character and pattern of the cement.

Subtle veining in the surface also includes some pearlescent aspects which increase the authentic look of these decors.

If you want to take a look at the full range of decors you can see all of the SKIN range right here.