And we are off! The brand new Kronospan Global Collection has launched in the UK with Lawcris’s epic 2-week event.

It's a juicy launch with 40 new decors and 4 new textures being presented in an immersive experience here in our DesignHUB.


Customers have been learning about 2023 trends, what's hot, what's not, and the inspiration behind Kronospan's new collection.

Oof, there's been a lot of excitement around the 5 Hudson Oaks - Biscotti, Gold, Amaretto, Cashmere and the Chocolate Hudson Oak, and Arvadonna Chestnuts - Stone, Flamed, Mink and the Charcoal Arvadonna Chestnut.

All of these have the syncronised pore technology, where the textures follow the cracks, knots and grains of the wood pattern giving a very authentic feel to the board. These solid wood alternatives have been a massive highlight in the new collection and generated a fantastic buzz to the launch.

Another couple of decors that are trending in the new collection are the Arosas - Dovetail and Fossil Arosa with their elegant natural stone look and uniform concrete-like effect, they stand out as one of the "go-to" decors of this collection.

With over 40 new decors to choose from, it has definitely been a feast for the eyes.

Another highlight that has gone down well with everyone is the brand new 'Perspective Layer' feature on the Kronodesign app. We demonstrate how this allows you to upload your own pictures and design on top to visualise your final designs to your customers.

As it says on the tin... Creativity at your fingertips! It may not be for everyone, but it is certainly something for many out there and definitely worth knowing about.

There are also 3 fantastic marketing tools to take away on the day. A swatch book, wall chart and swatch box featuring fan swatches of the whole collection for you to start creating with Kronospan.

On leaving the event, you take your experience with you in a handy gift bag which gives you the ability to download everything you need, i.e. images of the decors, full board views, etc. to use on your website. Not to mention some tasty Yorkshire chocolate because... well why not!

Wowser there is a lot happening in the 1.5 hour slot. Our event is running to 3rd February, so if you fancy joining a session, please contact and we'll book you in!