Often overlooked in refurbishment and design, a washroom can create a lasting impression on your clientele, and whether that is a positive or a negative impression is key to a business’s reputation.

Whilst most companies invest in their reception areas, meeting rooms and other client-facing spaces, the washroom is frequently an afterthought, with emphasis placed on function over form. However, research has shown that customers will at least partially judge a business by its washroom, with bathrooms often being the first or last thing somebody sees.

An art deco-eque bathroom in a Chicago restaurant

In establishments such as bars and restaurants, this is particularly true. At some point, most of us will have found ourselves walking out of a restaurant bathroom with cries of “That was DELIGHTFUL!” or “That was DISGUSTING” to our dining companions.

A loo with a view in Frankfurt, Germany

Customers will see the bathroom as an indication of the overall attitude of the restaurant – if the washroom is dirty, dark and unhygienic, customers will assume that this is also true of the kitchen, which can be quite off-putting. 

Furthermore, they may even voice these complaints on social media sites such as Twitter, which will be damaging for an establishment’s reputation. Conversely, an impressive bathroom may even garner you some positive social media attention. Shareability can be a major consideration for many designers in the social media age.

The much-Instagrammed and slightly bizarre bathrooms of sketch restaurant, London

Similarly, in office environments, both staff and visitors will appreciate a beautifully designed loo, offering a space of sanctuary and luxury alongside its key function.

So whether you are building or simply renovating your bathrooms, here are some key things to consider:

Brand identity

When establishing a solid brand identity, it's important to make sure this is coherent throughout every aspect of your business. Is your brand luxury? Is it fun and quirky? Perhaps your brand identity is simply professionalism - whatever it is, your bathrooms need to reflect this.

Nando's bathrooms reflect their brand identity, with bright colours and natural tones conveying their South African roots.

The Feels

How do you want your customers to feel when they're using your facilities? Relaxed? Inspired? Research shows that hotel guests, particularly in the luxury sector, expect their bathroom to offer something a little different from home - a taste of the high life and a sanctuary from the outside world.

This hotel bathroom in NYC uses marble to create a sense of opulence and serenity

Natural materials such as stone and wood can create a relaxing environment.

Bright colours or patterns can reflect your business's fun-loving spirit, and can even match your brand colours.

A bright yellow colour scheme makes this hotel bathroom feel fun and fresh

For a more bespoke look, consider Digital Printed laminate. Available through Lawcris, digital printing allows you unlimited scope of design and pattern. Any design can be printed onto our  boards, so you can let your imagination run wild. Find out more about this here.

Digital printing allows you to have any design, printed onto moisture resistant boards.

Environment and usability

Selecting the right material for the environment of your washroom is crucial for your project. Areas of medium or high traffic, with a humid or moist environment, require a durable and hard-wearing product to ensure your washroom stays look great for as long as possible.

Pfleiderer's Washroom range offers all the qualities needed for an enduring design. All 23 of the fantastic decors are available in High Pressure Laminate, Compact High Pressure Laminate and Moisture Resistant MFC. Take a look at the below guide for more details. PLUS all decors are available in matching edging for a fully matching finish.

If you are interested in our Washroom range, you can check out the full collection here.

The Details

Once you have your colour scheme and board choices locked down, the final, and equally important choice is what accessories you will use. We offer a full range of washroom and cubicle accessories, with contemporary and stylish designs that will really complete your look.

Shiny chrome adds a polished finish to this minimalist washroom 

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned in this article, or would simply like more information, why not give us a call. We can even send out free samples!