Introducing our Kronospan Top 10 Decors At 10 Billboard! Showcasing our favourite and most popular decors you picked from the 2023 range.

Trending at number 1, the iconic Iron Surfside Ash, a pure woodgrain with natural variations that brings an authenticity to any space, a perfect choice for residential and commercial spaces.

Rising up in the charts we have Dovetail Arosa, an elegant natural stone look with a uniform concrete-like effect.

Next, coming in hot, Mink Arvadonna, an impressive dark brown chestnut woodgrain with a high-end feel and rustic nature.

Followed by Surf Blue and Native Pink, providing a contemporary appeal and easy going nature with its ability to combine with natural woodgrains, concretes, and metals.

Moving up in rank, Gold Hudson Oak gives a vintage look with its warm yellow colours and natural looking wood appearance.

Other decors making an appearance on our Top 10; Smoked Green, Dark Emerald and Alby Blue, perfect for those wanting to embrace strong colours emanating calmness and serenity.

Making it in at number 10, Stone Arvadonna Chestnut, a light-grey wood grain with dips and ridges accentuating the chestnut's full beauty, ideal for luxurious furniture design in residential and commercial spaces.