As we move swiftly into 2018, your customers will probably have already checked out your competitors showrooms...And most likely done some research online...And you know they’ll be expecting the very latest on-trend finishes.

If your showroom displays could benefit from an update, you will be pretty chuffed to hear that 
discounted rates are now available at Lawcris on 63 on-trend Egger decors. Please click here to see the leaflet showing all the discounted decors.

Discounts of either £20 or £30 (for Premium Decors) per 18mm MFC sheet are being offered on the chosen list of Egger decors

PLUS!!!!! If you send an impressive photo of your completed display, we will enter you into a monthly prize draw for a MAHOOOOSIVE bottle (magnum) of Egger beer! And yes, its definitely worth it!

"What do I need to do to qualify for this wonderful offer...???" we hear you ask! Well, we'll be honest, it's fairly simple. Have a little read of our T&C's below:

Terms & Conditions

  • If you are a fab customer that typically spends approximately £1500 on Egger products with us a month... that's it, you have qualified. Simple!

  • The offer will only apply with orders placed between 07:30 December 1st 2017 through to 18:00 February 28th 2018.

  • The offer is for your showrooms, therefore, products that are purchased through this offer are to be used in showroom situations only (carcass or frontals) with Lawcris reserving the right to visit showrooms upon completion.

For a quick look, please see decors available below. If this sounds like something you want to get involved with or for more details, please get in touch.

BUT, the excitement doesn't end there!

Hettich have also launched their Innotech Atira drawer runners with all the necessary trimmings as a complete set! Yep, gone are the days of us having to book everything out separately, and here are the days of everything in one box with one code...simple!

The standard drawer comes equipped with sides, runners, front clips, rear connectors and cover caps, whilst the pan drawer set comes with all of the same but with the addition of gallery rails and gallery rail front clips too.

Tested to over 80,000 open/close movements, these high quality, durable (and very popular) silver 470mm depth drawer sides are versatile, flexible, economical and come with easy thumb wheel adjustment. There are also a whole host of handy additions/upgrades available. 

For further info, please click here to get in touch with one of our friendly staff members.