As a sea-faring nation, we have long been inspired by all things nautical. From clothes to interior design, nautical fashion has reigned supreme for many years.

Perhaps best described as a style rather than a trend (it's certainly had more staying power than most trends), nautical is being reworked and redefined in 2018. 

The new style embraces elements of French Riviera chic, coastal style and tropical beach huts. Pick and choose what works for your project to create a relaxing, nautical inspired space.

Rooms should feel light and breezy, transporting you to a faraway beach. Colour schemes should be kept simple. A fresh, bright white makes the perfect backdrop for pops of colour and makes a room feel clean and sunny.

A white room looks sunny with pops of blue.

Here's a selection of our favourite blues from our website, featuring: U507, U500, U570, U533, U599 & U19003.

If white and blue aren't your thing, the new nautical trend lets you get a little more playful with the colours. Why not accent a sandy neutral palette with splashes of pinks, like seashells on the sand.

Here's a pick of our favourite sand and seashell shades from the Lawcris website. Featuring 0515, U353, U16003, U313, U16001 & U400.

Alternatively, you may want to go a little bolder. We love this Miami hued living room which masterfully employs an all blue palette for a cool, relaxing room that makes you feel like you're really under the sea.

Turquoises, blues and greens harness the soothing effect of the sea and sky.

Whether you're Island Bohemian or French Riviera, one thing we can all agree on is that wood is essential to any nautical theme. 

Driftwood styles, with grey hued undertones, give the perfect beachy vibe. Great for flooring or even wall panelling, a beautiful driftwood-esque woodgrain will make you feel like you're in a rustic beach hut with the ocean lapping at the shore outside. 

Here's our pick of driftwood flooring from the BRAND NEW Egger Pro Collection (check it out here)! Featuring: EPL124, EPL123, EPL019, EPL068, EPL041 & EPD004.

For more of a chic, classic nautical feel, dark wood floors offer the perfect solution. 

Feel like you're on a grand sailing ship with these Egger Pro Collection decors: EPL044, EPL050, EPL136, EPL076, EPL117 & EPL110.

Whichever nautical style you prefer, have fun with this trend. Go for timeless pieces and your room will stay looking fresh and relevant through the many iterations of nautical. Nice!

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