Matt is no longer considered a dull and bland texture, but the best thing since sliced bread in the interior world of today!

In some instances, it has taken over the role of gloss completely, like in these examples of entirely matt rooms... 

The result, a velvety smooth and professional feel and look of understated elegance. It becomes all about the colour, which appears so even that it looks solid from every angle.

It is also just as popular to be paired together with another material for a contrasting and coordinated look...

As goes with anything, sometimes too much of one thing can be a bit overwhelming. With the introduction of other materials, such as gloss, wood and metallics, these decors are able to demonstrate a striking contrast of sheens. 

Either way, whether you like your matt to dominate or work alongside other elements, you can be safe in the knowledge that the matt look is versatile enough to carry it off.

Not one to miss out on a hot trend, we of course have our own matt trends to shout about via two of our suppliers, Egger and BA Components.

Egger naturally leads the way with 2 collections dedicated to matt; PerfectSense Matt and PerfectSense Topmatt. Both possess anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant qualities, the former being suited to vertical applications, whilst the latter - being created using electron beam technology - is perfect for horizontal applications.

We also keep stock of some Supermatt decors by BA Components, perfect for that ultra sleek finish in your kitchen or bedroom...

We are loving all of these matt decor choices - very on-trend hues that complement each other, yet would work if you wanted to add a splash of colour into the mix too!

For more info on any of our matt products, please don't hesitate to get in touch today.