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We have an exciting new flooring range in store now from the masters of excellence, Egger. The Pro Collection boasts an unrivalled choice of flooring styles and possible applications, all with Egger's guarantee of quality and safety. PLUS, every decor has matching scotias available.

Pro Design

This ultra robust flooring is perfect for areas of intensive use. The ultra wood fibreboard (UWF) core is extremely high density, preventing edge-swelling, protected against moisture on both sides with DualSeal.

The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) surface is incredibly waterproof and has a unique Self Repair feature, meaning deformations disappear on their own, making your flooring look brand new for longer. 

There are 32 decors to choose from in a wide range of material effects and colours, all measuring only 5mm in thickness making installation simple.

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Pro Laminate

A whopping 80 decors make up the Pro Laminate range. Choose from wood reproductions, stone effects and creative decors to find the perfect material for your interior project.

With anti-UV protection, these floors won't fade in the sunlight. Plus anti-slip protection makes them safe for all the family. Sorry kids, no sliding on these floors. 

18 of the decors are also available in Aqua + meaning they are suitable for areas of high moisture, including commercial applications. Combining hygiene and comfort, you can even use the steam cleaner on them. 

Our top picks...

View the whole Pro Laminate range here...

The Basic Range

If you're looking for affordability without sacrificing quality then we have just the range for you. The Basic range is an absolute bargain and comes with an impressive 13 year guarantee.

These boards are truly built for durability, with an abrasion resistant surface and a core board that resists swelling. The Uni-Fit system also means this flooring can be easily installed without the need for tools.

We have 2 styles available in on-trend wood decors, Warm Yorkshire Oak and cool Scandi inspired Grey Shelby Oak.

We have over 150 different flooring options available on our website. Need more inspiration? Why not check out the whole lot?!

For more info, get in touch with our friendly sales staff at sales@lawcris.co.uk or give us a call.