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Well, it seems Egger have done it again and produced another award-winning product - no seriously, it just won Product of the Year at the recent Mixology Awards!

Topmatt Laminate is the latest range to join the PerfectSense family, alongside the already existing premium high-gloss and matt decors.

But why bring out another matt range, when PerfectSense Matt already exists? Whilst they both possess anti-fingerprint technology, PerfectSense Topmatt is cured using electron beam technology meaning its scratch-resistant quality is of a higher level.

This makes it ideal for horizontal applications, such as for kitchen worksurfaces, office tables and hotel reception desks. Conversely, PerfectSense Matt is better used for vertical use as wall panelling. 

Topmatt boasts 9 of Egger's most current and on-trend decors:
The smooth surface is velvety to the touch and hard wearing, giving a high quality, on-trend, matt finish. Perfect for any of the interior trends of today whether you're looking for a sleek, minimal or luxurious feel. 

With matching PerfectSense Matt MDF Lacquered Boards and edging too, you have options coming out of your ears! 

For more info on this industry-loved product, please don't hesitate to get in touch.